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Making money online can be easy!
September 18, 2019 13:42:20
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About AveryGPT?

AveryGPT is owned an operated by Avery Web Services which is a small home based web design company located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. We have been serving small businesses since 2004!

I have been in the PTC long before Clixsense or Neobux were even thought of! Back in the day I got started Matrixmails, Hits4Pay and Bux.to were the big boys of the industry. I started this site due to the drastic increase of scam sites stealing your hard earned money.

The goal here is to give everyone a chance to earn money online without major out of pocket investment. My other goal is to gain your trust with the hope that you will consider to join my team under a few MLM sites I am promoting.

The MLM sites that I am promoting is where the big money is but does require and out of pocket investment. You will be able to earn that investment with the help from this site along with the other affiliate programs that are listed on my company website.

You can rest assured knowing you are in good hands here. My experience will bring in the advertisers and in turn boost your monthly earnings. All I truly ask from you is your time and support!

How much can I earn from my referrals?

The click rate varies according to the number of daily ads available. The number of direct or rented referrals you have will also have a factor on your earnings. Another factor is how many ads those referrals view on a daily basis.

The amount you will earn each day is impossible to predict but the graph listed below will give you an idea.

Paid To Click click rates: show
Referral commissions: show
Direct referrals limit: 999999
Rented referrals limit: 250
Rented referrals AutoPay days: 0
Rented referrals AutoRecycle days: 120
Direct referrals list: Referral stats: Yes
Direct referrals list: Referral remove: Yes
Rented referrals list: Referral stats: Yes
Rented referrals list: Referral recycle: No
Referrals rent: Hours: No
Referrals rent: Hours: Re-select 0
Referrals rent: Interval: 0
Messages: Storage: 50
Messages: Limits (Day/Week/Month): 10,70,280
Days between cashouts: 0
Rented referrals: Prices: show

How do I get paid?

Payments are issued within 10 business days. Weekends and Holidays do not count as a business day.

Deposit/Type: Deposit min/max: Cashout/Type: Cashout min/max: Cashout fee/max:

What is a referral?

Referrals are users like you who have joined AveryGPT, however they also earn money for you when they view advertisements, while earning money for themselves. Referrals come in two different forms:
  • Direct Referrals: Are users who have registered using your referral link.
  • Rented Referrals: Are bots that can only be earned though our lotteries.

Sunday: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday:
This table includes a list of hours. It shows when referrals are available to rent for each upgrade at server time.

00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: 07: 08: 09: 10: 11: 12: 13: 14: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23:
The third table includes packs of referrals available for each upgrade.

1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 20: 30: 40: 50: 60: 70: 80: 90:
100: 200: 300: 400: 500: 600: 700: 800: 900: 1000: 2000: 3000: 4000: 5000: 6000: 7000: 8000: 9000:

I want to advertise my site

As an advertiser you will get what you pay for. We are different because we care about our advertisers. This is what we offer you:

Advertisement Management:
  • You only need to submit your advertisements once.
  • You can pause, resume or delete them.
  • You may set a demographic filter or display to all members.
  • You can purchase clicks and distribute them between your advertisements.
  • You can access detailed statistics during and after your advertisement display.
Click Packs Management:
  • You purchase the amount of clicks you need.
  • You decide how many clicks go to each advertisement.
Demographic Exposure:
  • Choose to show your advertisement to the world or just a few countries.
  • Toggle the filter on and off and select different countries for each advertisement.
Anti-Fraud Protection:
  • Your advertisements will be shielded by the safest and strongest anti-cheat protection available today.
  • Clicks from hackers will never be accounted (but we may tell them they are).
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